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Educator eff

Educator eff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week in America.


The US Department of Education wants people to take to Facebook and Twitter and thank a teacher who made a difference in their lives. Teach Me About Teaching


There have been many teachers who made sustaining impressions on me, like my third grade teacher Ms. Woods; eighth grade science teacher Mr. Boyd; and eighth grade home room teacher Mr. Pollack. My college professors were also instrumental in shaping my views of the world, but I can’t remember their names. Isn’t it something that I can remember the teachers’ names from early childhood but not from adult education.


Anyway, here is a poem I’d like to share about teachers.



Confessions of a Teacher’s Pet


She was very beautiful

She had the widest smile

Her class was never dull

I sat in the first aisle


She let me be her helper

My classmates would frown at that

I jumped at the chance to help her

They knew it was because of where I sat


Life in her class was full of laughter and joy

When she spoke, her words came out as a song

The girls were jealous, since they were not a boy

We got to run errands, and stayed gone for twice as long



She’s old now and still beautiful

Her smile’s just as wide and plum

She still lets me help her

Because she is my Mom

©latifahafital 2011


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Join this webinar and find out about Cambridge English: Key for Schools.


Introducing Cambridge English: Key for Schools Webinar from Cambridge ESOL.

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