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Technology Is Not Technology

Technology Is Not Technology (Photo credit: lgb06)

Life has to be lived.

Families have to be provided for and fed.

The future holds many uncertainties.

Now more than ever is the right time to learn something new about the latest technology and how to communicate with the world.

Why?  You ask.

Just Remember this:

  • Some men grow mad by studying much to KNOW; but who grows mad by studying to GROW?


  • The USE of money is all the Advantage there is in having money.


  • Well Done! is better than Well Said.


  • Since you are not sure of your next minute, then don’t throw away an hour.


  • Blessed is he that expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.




Use your money wisely and study to grow in knowledge – be it improving your English or anything that will do you good. Your future depends on it. Don’t throw away another minute expecting nothing. Take this time to revel in life’s simple pleasures.



Learn to Earn



International Society for Technology in Education

International Society for Technology in Education (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: QWERTY keyboard, on 2007 Sony Vaio la...

English: QWERTY keyboard, on 2007 Sony Vaio laptop computer. Français : Le clavier QWERTY d’un ordinateur portable Sony Vaio de 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to learning how to use the Internet or any social media websites, the first thing that you must know is how to use a keyboard.

If you don’t know how to type 85wpm (words per minute) or even 35wpm, like me, that’s okay.

Learning where the keys are is the most important thing to know. It is really simple to learn how to place your fingers on the keys, especially if your keyboard is QWERTY, like most keyboards are.

QWERTY comes from those keys found in the upper left hand row of letters on the keyboard.

There are keyboards in languages other than English, which might pose a difficult problem for newcomers, but it is still an easy thing to learn to use.


  • Ø First: Place your hands over the keyboard with your thumbs resting on the spacebar.


  • Ø Then: Place your index finger (the pointing finger) on the letters (J) and (F). Notice that the right finger is on (J) and the left is on (F).



  • Ø Then: Place your remaining fingers on either hand on the keys that are immediately beneath them. Notice that your fingers will automatically fall into place because there is nowhere else to put them, assuming you keep all of your fingers on the same row as the index fingers.

If all fingers are resting in their natural places, the pinky finger (the baby or smallest finger) will rest on the (: colon ; semi colon) right hand; and the (A) left hand.

Try to relax and notice that some fingers will remain bent, while others will not. It’s okay; just don’t force your fingers to do anything that they aren’t equipped to do.

Keep your thumbs on the spacebar at all times. It will keep your fingers in place.


  • Ø Finally: Now that all fingers are in their proper places, let’s practice typing a word.


  • Ø The word for today is TYPEWRITER.



This is a good word to start with because you will learn how to stretch your fingers up to reach the (T) (Y) (P) (E) (W) (R) (I) (T) (E) and (R)


All of the letters are in the top row of letter keys.


Practice typing this word several times without moving your wrist from the keyboard, and use your thumbs for the spacebar in between each word typed.


Have fun typing!

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