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The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are 3 basic qualities to a well-told story. There are more qualities, but for now I will just touch on these 3 points.

  1.  Simple
  2.  Intuitive
  3.  Assumes the intelligence of its end-user

Simple. Most writers make the mistake of overwhelming their readers with too much information, also known as TMI. You have to make your story easy enough for your mother to understand.

Intuitive. Your story is brand new to your readers, and so they need a logical framework to process your content. Provide a clear flow. Keep the reader in the flow by using associations as you move through each part of your story. Make it easy for them to follow, and they will follow your lead.

Assume Intelligence. Give your readers more than the usual stock bits of information. They’ve been there, done that. They get it. They need and can process more. It’s important to add value and dimension to your story. Make it of high quality.

Give detailing examples, analogies, anecdotes, and customized content.

Connect with your readers sensory points – through their eyes, ears, and their brains.

When you tell your story, be amazingly vivid.

What makes a story a good story for you? Do you need to feel it, to get it? Give me your thoughts!


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