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Cover Art

Cover Art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To improve your spelling, read a word, cover it with your hand, then write it on the first line. Check your spelling. If it’s wrong, write it out again on the second line:


socks                                      _________________              _________________


pants                                      _________________              _________________


trousers                                 _________________              _________________


dress                                      _________________              _________________


shoes                                      _________________              _________________


glasses                                   _________________              _________________


suit                                          _________________              _________________


watch                                      _________________              _________________


bikini                                       _________________              _________________


jeans                                       _________________              _________________


skirt                                        _________________              _________________


jumper                                    _________________              _________________


trainers                                   _________________              _________________


bra                                          _________________              _________________


blouse                                                _________________              _________________


dressing gown                      _________________              _________________


earrings                                  _________________              _________________


coat                                         _________________              _________________


pajamas                                  _________________              _________________


shirt                                        _________________              _________________



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